"Full-Service" Property Management—Vision Management's philosophy is to manage your property from an owner's perspective, to become familiar not only with the property, but also with the Association's goals and needs. Each new management assignment begins with a Property Survey analyzing your Association's physical and financial condition.

The Property Survey is intended to demonstrate site conditions as we find them on our initial site inspection and to make specific or general comments about current maintenance practices, recommendations for future work and to give you insight into the financial impact of policy making and/or implementation and enforcement.

The Property Survey is presented and reviewed in detail with your Association's Board of Directors. The conclusions reached with the Board become the basis of our Association Management Plan and Budget. The Association Management Plan and Budget is updated annually and is the customized guide to daily decision-making.

Once the Board of Directors establishes the parameters, Vision Management serves as managing agent with full responsibility for operating the property including daily operational management, maintenance, and emergency response.