What you do not maintain today you will have to maintain tomorrow, except that the costs will be far greater.

As the above maintenance maxim indicates, better management of planned maintenance minimizes downtime, reduces budgetary expenditures and special assessments while maximizing the life of the common property. Unexpected common area failures and emergency events are costly both in terms of repair costs and resident satisfaction.

Vision Management provides the edge you need to effectively maintain your facility.

We use work orders as the instrument to document a work request, track the progress of the work, describe actual work needed and completed, record manpower and materials used, document the technicians completing the work, and indicate supervisory approvals. Vision Management implements three types of work orders: preventative maintenance, demand maintenance, and custodial maintenance.

Vision Management has developed a thorough preventative maintenance program to help reduce budgetary expenditures and special assessments while extending the life of the common property. After proactively examining every maintenance aspect of your property, we develop a preventative maintenance schedule and a component schedule inventorying the estimated remaining useful life of each asset and each asset's replacement cost in today's dollars. The schedules are presented and reviewed in detail with your Association's Board of Directors and the conclusions reached with the Board become the basis of our Association Management Plan and Budget.