In contract administration, Vision Management's focus is on obtaining supplies and services, of requisite quality, on time, and within budget. We are highly skilled in negotiating with contractors for the most reasonable price and the highest quality workmanship. Additionally, Vision Management exercises the skill and judgment required to protect effectively the Association's interest.

Vision Management works closely with contractors to monitor job performance and tie progress payments to work completed and the contract administration plan. Throughout a project we review costs, total them, compare them, and project them along their life-cycle to ensure the cost of the work stays in line with the original bid.

Good contract administration assures that the community is satisfied with the product or service being obtained under the contract. In an effort to accomplish customer satisfaction, Vision Management obtains input directly from the residents through the use of customer satisfaction surveys. These surveys help to improve contractor performance because the feedback can be used to notify the contractor when specified aspects of the contract are not being met. In addition, the Board of Directors can use the information as a source of past performance information on subsequent contract awards. Customer satisfaction surveys also help to improve communications between the Board of Directors, Vision Management, and contractor personnel.