Working with the Board

To relay information accurately and timely Vision Management has developed a comprehensive Association board-meeting package. This bound and tabbed package gives the Board critical information regarding the financial health and performance of the Association including comprehensive bids and other important information for the Board to make well-informed decisions regarding items such as budgetscollections, and insurance.

Our standard financial services board package consists of the following reports:

  • Meeting Agenda
  • Manager's Report
  • Minutes
  • Delinquency Report
  • Correspondence Report
  • Financial Reports including:
    • Balance Sheet
    • Income Statement—Standard
    • Income Statement—Budget Variance
    • Summary Trial Balance
    • Account Payable Aging Report
    • Check Register

In addition, we can provide custom spreadsheets to those Board members who are interested. To illustrate, we can create a 12-month Trend Report with a complete itemized breakdown of all budgeted expense line items compared to actual expenses and annual budgets to date with the under/over budget items highlighted.

Please let us know if you would like to see a sample board package.