At Vision Management we know it is vital your Association has the right mix of insurance coverage including workers' compensation, fidelity bonds/crime coverage, professional liability for managers, Director's and Officer's liability insurance, and equipment and property coverage. In partnership with our insurance package specialist, our skills and knowledge in the area of risk management can make a significant difference on reducing your community's exposure to risk and, in the event of a loss, how your community fares when you have an insurance claim. We'll:

  • Research and assess your Association's exposure to loss
  • Conduct an inventory of your Association's current risk management situation
  • Identify your Association's possible loss exposures
  • Recognize and respond to loss exposures that require immediate corrective action
  • Review alternative risk management techniques
  • Help the Board select the right risk management techniques for your community
  • Develop an insurance request for proposal
  • Manage the insurance claims process
  • Monitor and improve your Association's risk management program

Finally, we remarket your Association's insurance policy annually to insure you have the most up-to-date and cost-effective coverage possible.