Banking Services

Upon commencement of our Property Management responsibilities, we establish bank accounts for your Association. Vision Management provides monthly schedules of monies invested in savings, certificates of deposit, treasury bills, and/or money market accounts. Our banking services also include the handling of all deposits, money market investments, and reconciliation of all bank accounts.

We offer the following assessment collection and processing options:

  • Direct debit via ACH (recurring auto debit)
  • Online assessment payments with electronic check or credit card
  • Lockbox collections with online image viewing

Your Association attains maximum value by accelerating conversion of payments and deposits via same day deposit as the receipt of mail into your interest earning accounts thereby eliminating idle funds and drastically reducing the cash-to-bank time. An added benefit for your Association lies in the higher level of security and accuracy resulting from the direct handling of the funds by the financial institution.

In addition, Vision Management coordinates short- or long-term Association bank loans for:

  • Repair and Renovations to Common Areas of the Project
  • Building Upgrades
  • Equipment Purchases
  • Resident Manager Unit Purchases